Hullabaloo is Steve Denyes and Brendan Kremer, friends since kindergarten.

Steve plays guitar, sings and writes goofy songs. Brendan plays drums, sings and smiles.

Over the course of fifteen years Hullabaloo has won seventeen national awards, received rave reviews from People, Parenting, Parents, Cookie and Parent & Child Magazines and landed on three national “Top 10 Best Children’s Music” lists.

Hullabaloo plays about 300 shows a year in venues ranging from backyard parties to fancier stages like the Austin City Limits Festival, World Café Live, LEGOLAND, the San Diego Zoo, the Hard Rock Cafe and their own Hullabaloo Family Music Festival. At last count, they’d sold just over 30,000 CDs.

But the truth is, none of these facts and figures matter a bit to kid that just wants to sing and dance. What really matters is that Hullabaloo is a foot-stomping, wing-flapping celebration of song that honors and entertains kids and families.

Steve Denyes (Guitar, Vocals)

Steve plays guitar, sings and always tries to remember to say "thank you" and "please." Before forming Hullabaloo, he was a K-6 music teacher in the public school system. When he's not singing and stomping his feet, he surfs a lot and spends time with his wife and their dog, Desi.

Brendan Kremer (Cajon, Vocals)

Brendan plays a wooden percussion instrument called a cajon and sings. He also has impeccable manners. Before forming Hullabaloo, Brendan was a pirate. Or at least that's what we think. . .he did have a parrot when he was a kid. 



2018 - Top 10 New Family Music Albums, Phil's Picks

2016 - Red Tricycle "Totally Awesome Awards" National Top 10 Cool Kindie Artists

2016 - Parents' Choice Award for "I Chew"

2014 - Parents' Choice Award for "Shy Kid Blues"

2012 - Parents' Choice Award for "Raise a Ruckus"

2012 - NAPPA Gold Award for "Raise a Ruckus"

2011 - "Best Children's Music of 2011" -- Education.com

2011 - Parents, Choice Award for "Road Trip"

2011 - NAPPA Gold Award for "Road Trip"

2010 - Parents Magazine "10 Best Children's CDs of 2010"

2010 - Parents' Choice Award for "A Mighty Good Day"

2010 - NAPPA Gold Award for "A Mighty Good Day"

2008- Children's Music Web Award for "Tall as a Tree"

2008- Parents' Choice Award for "Tall as a Tree" 

2008- NAPPA Gold Award for "Tall as a Tree"

2007- Childrens Music Web Award for "Hey, Everybody!"

2007- Parents' Choice Award for "Hey, Everybody!"

2006- Parents' Choice Award for "Sing Along With Sam"


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Every morning we wake up and thank our lucky stars that we get to go out and sing with you again.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for singing along!!